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Under The Puppet

Oct 2, 2023 - 

While I was at the 2023 National Puppetry Festival, I met Carol Sterling for the first time.  Within a minute of speaking with her, I knew I wanted to get her on the show.  Carol Sterling is an educational puppeteer who has taught puppetry in education around the world including as a Fulbright Specialist in Uganda and India and she was invited to the White House for her work in the arts.  She is also just about the biggest champion of the puppetry arts that I’ve ever met.  It was my pleasure to sit down and chat with Carol Sterling for this episode of Under The Puppet.

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Connect with Carol Sterling:
Website -
Public Relations Handout -
Educational Puppeteer Resources -

Mentioned on the show:
Puppetry in Theatre and Arts Education: Head, Hands and Heart by Johanna Smith -

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Art by Parker Jacobs
Music by Dan Ring
Edited by Stephen Staver

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